Uploading & Organizing Images in Adobe Bridge

Pretty sure this is one of my longest videos. There is a lot of information and I tried to go slow, but if you have no experience with Adobe Bridge, you may want to watch this a few times.

I also introduce a couple of keystroke short cuts in this video but I want to explain two of them in more detail here. Those two are “Control/click” and “Shift/Click”.

When you are selecting images (or files, or really anything) and you want to add to your selection, you click on the first image and then hold the control key (PC) or the command key (Mac) while clicking on your additional images. Only the ones you click on will be highlighted.

If you have a block of images to select, click on the first one and then go to the last one. Hold down the shift key and click on the last image. All of them should now be highlighted.

Practice these a few times………..

Here’s the video, again it’s pretty long so you may need to take breaks while watching it.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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