iPhone Inspiration

Here is a list and links to many of the sites I have used to learn about different apps and techniques. 

iPhoneart.com – on this and other sites like it, many of the artists share what apps they used to create their images. I have learned a ton by looking at this! It’s a great place to go for inspiration too………..

Tutorials on The App Whisperer site. I love the interviews too! An excellent, all around resource………

The iPhoneArts.com – Egmont is one of the hardest working iPhone artists out there and he freely shares his knowledge….. much of it coming after hours of experimentation. 

Instagram – A sharing/social media site and  just like with “iPhoneart.com”, pay attention to the hashtags that people post. Many times these reveal the apps they used to create their images. (I am on there as dpoinskiphoto)

Photojojo.com –  great site for accessories for the iPhone, but inspiration and information can be found there as well. 

Skipology.com – Paul (known as Skip to friends), is a prize winning iPhoneographer from Lincoln, England and a very generous resource for technique and inspiration. 

My favorite apps:

Snapseed –  this is usually the first place I go with an image. Many times this is the only app I use…………..

PureShot Camera  –  This is my default camera app. Love it!

Hipstamatic –  my second favorite camera app

Distressed FX –  be sure to try the “birds” filter……….

PhotoFX – I use a lot of the soft filters that come with this…..

ScratchCam – Love the “folded paper” effect

Vintage Scene

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!


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