Free Tutorials


Introduction to Hand Coloring Inkjet Photographs

Digital Hand Coloring in Photoshop CS & Elements

iPhone Fun

iPhone Inspiration

Photo Transfers

Floral Photography:

Floral Photography – A Few Miscellaneous Tips

Making Your Own Backdrop

Using Backdrops Outside

Floral Photography – A Quick Depth of Field Lesson

Organizing Images:

Uploading & Organizing Images in Adobe Bridge

Uploading & Organizing in Photoshop Elements 9

Uploading & Organizing in Lightroom

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    1. Dianne Post author

      Please try again Wendy. So I did the work around and while it’s not perfect, you should be able to access all the lessons. One problem I found was if you simply click at the bottom for the next lesson, the videos do not appear. However, if you click on the lesson from the dropdown menu, the videos show up. The other problem is the dropdown does not appear on the lesson that is working with the videos, so you either have to click forward for the next lesson and then use the dropdown menu or click to back to the previous page which has the dropdown. I hope that all makes sense.

      Please let me know if you see any other problems. So sorry about this.

      I will continue to work on this, but I at least wanted to get it up and running for you.

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